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Larry BrehmLarry Brehm, Chair

City Club Missoula is special, as is the city itself.  In business, you need a good product.  In real estate, a good location.  In life, good health.  Missoula's got it all, plus the good sense to engage in civil discourse over diverse and timely topics.  The City Club forums give us a time to listen and then talk.  Along the way there's always some critical thinking and, of course, something to learn.


Jim Royan

Jim Royan, Vice Chair


Shannon Furniss

Shannon Furniss, Secretary

City Club is a vital part of the Missoula community. It is a place to discuss important community issues and to share ideas with people who are invested in Missoula's future.

- Communications Director, University of Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research


Jessica Allred

Jessica Allred, Treasurer

City Club Missoula is an opportunity for us all not only to gain perspective on topics that are important to our community, but also to share our own views and thoughts.  It is a place where we can learn together, and discuss, and grow...

- Community Relations Director, Missoula Food Bank

Tim Descamps

Timothy Descamps

There is no better deal in town. Everybody is invited. One hour a month-grab lunch, get informed,  be engaged, and contribute your voice to issues of vital importance to our community.  See you there!

- Executive Director
International Heart Institute of Montana Foundation


Patrick Marx

City Club plays a special role in convening citizens to discuss and address issues and questions important to the vitality of the Garden City. Its forums connects people and provides opportunity to meet and engage.

John RettenmayerJohn Rettenmayer






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